Petite Pearl is the sole reason as to why I’ve made it this far in the wedding industry. The amount of times I could count my blessings would never suffice up to the fact that I had the opportunity to work with Jessica of Petite Pearl. The day Jess said ‘Yes’ when I asked if she needed an extra hand on board with wedding crafting and day-of setup definitely marks the beginning to some of the best years of my life. Being only 20 at the time, young and eager to learn, Petite Pearl exposed me to the wedding industry and the hard work and long hours behind it.

I didn’t really give two shits if I had to give up almost every weekend of my summer to lug around Rubbermaid bins full of candy jars, tie 300 chair sashes, fold napkins, or getting nearly killed with a 25 foot ladder so we can hang lanterns. Those weekends were not only filled with a lot of backaches, hands cramps and long car drives but so many laugh attacks and honestly, just good times. I can’t even tell you the amount I’ve learned throughout my experience with Petite Pearl. Working alongside with Petite Pearl has also given me the opportunity and pleasure to work with such amazing and reputable vendors in the wedding industry. Some honourable mentions whom I absolute adore; Lele Chan, L’nielle, BE Studio, Vasia Photography, Christine Williams, Tomasz Wagner, Celsia Florist, Flower Factory and of course, Margot and Laine whom I worked alongside with during my time at Petite Pearl <3


Jessica was not only my mentor and boss who I called a Nazi instead of boss (inside joke hehe) but also a friend. You could bet that we laughed at the most stupid things, have the same sense of humour and the cherry on top of it all was that we were both big ass potty mouths. Jess; I cannot thank you and Petite Pearl enough. Working with you for 3 years and seeing you eat next to nothing on wedding days, seeing you in your zone, the countless of hours you’ve invested into making sure your clients literally have the best day of their lives, and your professionalism balanced out with being so personable has only made me strive to work harder and achieve my own personal goals as a planner.

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Peak season for weddings in Vancouver are always in the summer since its Raincouver for the other half the year. As a wedding planner, it is almost impossible to get away on ‘vacation’ because you are so so busy. As hectic and busy my summers always have been, when you work hard, you gotta play hard as I strongly believe in balancing out my work and social life to keep myself sane and enjoy what I do.

A homie of mine introduced me to his large group of friends and it turns out they were headed to the Pemberton Music Festival this year. If anyone’s not too familiar with Pemberton, it’s basically a huge music festival with a lineup featuring some of the biggest artists, bands and DJ’s as well as new and upcoming ones. You also camp out on site for the duration of the music festival so it’s pretty much killing two birds with one stone since its a camping trip as well as a 4 day concert. The crew told me to come up with them this year even though I was a little hesitant at first due to work. My July was free from weddings plus the lineup that was featured this year was golden including headliners like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Ludacris, Kid Cudi, Missy Elliot, the list goes on and on that ‘no’ wasn’t going to be an answer.

It is a whole ‘notha world when you step onto Pemberton grounds. You’re surrounded by people who are here for the same motive you are; to have yourself a sick weekend. It’s scorching hot by 9am at 35 degrees celsius so you have no choice but to unzip yourself out of your heat box of a tent or you’ll cook but the weather’s perfect at sunset. It all seems so surreal because the mountains are so so breathtaking and you can’t believe that this place is your home with your friends for 4 days. Your daily routine is as follows;

8am : Wake up
8:30am : Head to gazebo where its nice and shady
8:45am: Sleep on camping chair
9:15am: More people show up and sleep with you
9:45am : Everyone’s up and everyones at the gazebo
10:00am: Everyones hungry but nobody cooks
10:15am : Granola bars, cans of tuna and beer for breakfast
12:00pm: Someone’s riding the bus or Kings Cup
1:00pm: Drink
2:00pm: Drink
3:00pm: Everyone asks when the first show of the day is
4:00pm: Drink more
4:30pm: Someone asks again when the first show is
5:00pm: Finds out show isnt until 7, so 2 more hours to turn up – Drink
6:00pm: Drink
6:30pm: Gather the whole squad to leave
6:45pm: Wait in line at porta potties then lose squad
7:00pm: Show starts
8:30pm: Find some of squad and ask when next show is
9:00pm: Another hour til next show, head back to campsite to turn up more – Drink
9:30pm: Find the rest of the squad at gazebo – Drink
10:00pm: Drink
11:00pm: Drink
12:00am: Showtime
1:30am: Retire back to gazebo and maybe drink if you’re down

Honestly, besides working weddings which always make my summer, this trip to Pemberton is definitely on the top of my list for one of the best weekends ever. It was an amazing experience as it was filled with literally only good vibes from everyone that attended this years festival, good performances, new friends and a lot of vodka, kings cup and beer bong. To see how much of a good time I had, peep the YouTube video and enjoy!


My fascination for sneakers has been never-ending. With the shoe game in the wedding industry, it is on a very wide spectrum from brides wearing the most dazzling pair of Jimmy Choos or Valentinos, lace-up ballet shoes, comfy mocassins or even a pair of rainboots. The possibilities are endless though I have a soft spot for couples who decide to rock a pair of Air Jordans or Nike sneakers for their special day. Have the whole damn wedding party in Jordans and you literally took my breathe away, especially if it looks very cohesive! In my opinion, your choice definitely has to be tasteful as some sneaker trends come and go. I honestly will probably end up wearing a pair on my own wedding day (if it ever happens, haha) given that a) they’re so comfortable b) I can probably dance all night in them and c) know that I’m pretty much comfortable in my own skin since I wear them daily.

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Chicago 10’s are absolutely one of my favourite pairs of Jordan’s. Cleaaaaaannnnnnn

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 3.23.01 am

The amazing Jelyssa Madrid who designed this blog and my website, recently had her sister tie the knot. Needless to say, her and her fiance pulled off the Legendary Blues and Gamma 11’s and looked amazing!

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Wedding trends come and go every season whether its neon, geometric, rustic chic, the list goes on. There are also so many trends that you can’t just go wrong with and are absolutely timeless such as soft pastels, an all white wedding with accents of gold or even just neutrals.  The soft marble trend is one of  my favourite on-going trends at the moment since it depicts everything a modern or unconventional bride would love – neutral, soft, timeless, classic but with some edge. 


There is just something so romantic and unique about the marble pattern  that I love, especially with the fact that it looks so clean. There are so many many things you can do with the soft backdrop of marble and you can pretty much pair it up with any accent colours!

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All of this sunshine in Vancouver lately puts me in an amazing mood. I’m one to sleep in until the afternoon but as of recently I’m fully awake by 8am, its awesome. The sunshine definitely gives me this surge of energy to get out of bed, be productive with my day and get shit done.

As my wedding season starts shortly, I got emails, meetings, errands left and right. I love the craziness and busi-ness behind it all but a girl’s gotta keep sane. I spend a LOT of time driving around in my car from one place to another, hopping cities like no tomorrow. Today, I’m going to share a couple tunes I bump in the car daily that gets me through my long ass days and well, will probably get me through this summer and wedding season. Enjoy!